Pray for Peace

Friends who pray,

I am sending this link that we may be able to view on the U.S. Internet…  I copied it off my VPN server.  I cannot imagine how Christians cannot be very concerned about this turn of events in the world.  In addition to innocent Islamic families and children, and innocent Christin families and Children who live in Palestine and will be affected by this dis-proportional escalation of conflict and violence, it seems we are all frogs in the frying pan, unconcerned about the Gospel of the Kingdom of God, and the Gospel of Peace.  If the heart of the Biblical message is to Love God with our whole heart and mind, and to love our neighbor, obviously 7 Billon of them including Israel and Israel’s neighbors, the Palestinians, how can we not all cry out for peaceful solutions to conflict and violence…  The link I sent you before was apparently taken down by our government’s authorities…  Let’s try this link concerning Pope Francis’ silent prayer for peace, and see if it works.

Although I was raised Catholic, I cannot imagine there is anything such as a “just war” and if we even think to go by that unproven theory, let us examine the condition of proportionality, and let us examine Jesus’ hope for all mankind, that we should love one another, ALL of us, and pray for one another.  We are fighting NOT against flesh and blood, but against unseen powers of the universe.  To me, to fight the good fight of faith, we need to at least know who we are fighting against…  If we fight against each other humans, obviously we are in a condition of mortal sin.

Wherever we pray, let all mankind pray together, for Peace and for Justice, and for a Kingdom NOT of this world.

I invite all who are at least a little concerned to join me in prayer, where ever you suggest, whenever you suggest, to pray for Peace in the world… I copy to Friends of Circles of Peace…  Suggest a time and a place, any time and place, and let us join one another in prayer for Peace.


John Cooper

About jcooperforpeace
Spiritual Director, Spirituality of Inner Peace

2 Responses to Pray for Peace

  1. boldaab says:

    Yes John, I join you in praying for world peace.

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