I Cried too, Mr. President

I Cried too, Mr. President

Dear Mr. President,

I cried too….

While watching you cry on the Internet video, regarding the violence in Newtown, Ct.  I cried too, with tears streaming down my cheeks…., more than yours… Unashamedly, I admit this, contrary to the tough guy culture of Americanism, which would never admit to weakness, or emotion, or love and concern for our enemy.

I am reminded of Dr. Martin Luther King, a GREAT man, who was our predecessor… Dr. King was a member of the Fellowship of Reconciliation, as I am.  The Fellowship of Reconciliation is our nation’s largest and oldest interfaith Peace, Non-Violence, and Social Justice organization, founded in 1915, and proclaims the vision of Peace, Active Nonviolence, and Social Justice.

Dr. King read Tolstoy, and Gandhi, and Jesus, who believed in Peace and Nonviolence, and Social Justice, as I do….

May all Americans, and you also read them too….

May we Americans stop this madness….

May we stop training our children in violent games…

May we stop paying for and watching violence on TV and not purchase goods from those who support violence on TV by advertising.

May we American stop this culture of violence….

May we Americans repent now of our sins and transgressions….

of not Loving our enemies…

of not loving each other….

May we bring our young men and women warriors home?

May they work for a worthy cause?

May we also grieve for our enemies and their children’s sons and daughters killed in war, and drone strikes?

Mr. President, you too, could be a great man…, Like Dr. King….

You too, could help change this world for the better….  As you seemed to promise in your first campaign…..

May we invest in Peace, not in war, not in weapons of mass destruction, of which we are the King of the world regarding weapons of Nuclear war….

And, you, the King of Drones… Please repent….  Violence is not the way…. Peace is the Way…

May we rob the Military – Industrial complexes of their ill gotten gains and give the funds to the poor.

What would Jesus cut?  I believe Jesus would cut expenditures for war, killing, and destruction….

May we sacrifice our wants which are over our needs?

May you help cast the vision of a more just and more equitable society?

A much wiser man than I, or you, has said that if we take up the sword, we will die by the sword…

May we repent?

Please, Mr. President, cry some more.. Thanks for crying!

May we all cry out for Peace and Justice…

Grace & Peace,

John Cooper


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Spiritual Director, Spirituality of Inner Peace

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