Your Will be Done

Your Will be Done….

I can only imagine how often each day these words are repeated, “Your Will be Done”… After all, this phrase is a part of the Christian “Lord’s Prayer.”

People sue each other, abuse each other, cause violence to each other, take advantage of each other, run in political office against each other, make business deals with each other, but seldom is heard, in these contexts, the phrase, Thy Will be Done…
Whose will?

In the context of the prayer mentioned, it is God’s will we are speaking of, not our wills. I have even heard lately that people sue about human wills…. Some sue so that human wills will be interpreted to match what their own will is. What about God’s will? I imagine the question of what is God’s will in these matters never, absolutely, never, ever, even occurs to these people….

Those of us who are the tired, perhaps old and sick, mentally ill, suffering from Alzheimer’s, abused, downtrodden, homeless, orphans, victims of warfare, domestic violence, hungry, or otherwise rat upon, sat upon, spat upon, I believe can say this phrase with more meaning and feeling.

Say it, or ask it? Could your will be done in our lives, now?

We, who are Christians, believe we now have Eternal Life, and God’s will will be definitely done in our future communion with God.

I don’t know if “Your will be done” in the Lord’s Prayer is actually a question… It seems to be a statement, actually, that God is listening for us to state…. “Your Will be Done.” It is as if God is going to do it because we say it… Or, is God going to do it anyway? I don’t know… I think God is going to do it, I hope God is going to do it, to do His will in our life, not our own will, but His will,  in the lives of those we love, including hopefully in the lives of our enemies, whom we are supposed to also love, and in the lives and arena of the whole world, may we say, may we ask, your will be done? After all, we really need this, God, and really should want your will, not ours, in the whole world, including our own little circles…

Anyway, either way, I just want to tell you, God, that I love you…. I am a little concerned, a little afraid, but I ask, your will be done…. Or is it a statement… a statement of fact? Which is it? Or, is it both?

Either way, we say sometimes, “Your will be done”, and ask sometimes, will “Your will be done?” We also even sing, as in the following link, “Your will be done.”

Grace & Peace,

John Cooper

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Spiritual Director, Spirituality of Inner Peace

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